AS+LG Co-Lab Photography Lest We Travel Too Far

Collaborative Artwork

Photographic explorations by Ashlae Shepler & Leah Gose

In our work, we explore ideas about location,
the passage of time, and duality of experience.

Lest we travel too far

Using a 4-lens, lenticular film camera, we've set out to create romantic, soft-focus photographs that trace the places we both travel. As we share our experiences with each other, we re-construct the images to build multiple frames like snippets from cinema reels. We use each 4-frame section like visual syllables, using light leaks and miscalculations as a way to represent our attempts to keep and recall memories.


Experimenting with the 4-lens exposures, we scanned negative strips and created animated snippets with Photoshop to explore a different way to build narratives out of our travels.

Animated lenticular photographs
from Lest we travel too far

Video work


Mirrors, movies, photographs, windows, peepholes, cameras—all provide an opportunity to watch people. Our curiousity moves us to look. This attempt to catch a glimpse of something intimate, personal or private is what drives the collaborative work of AS+LG Co-Lab. We are exploring pleasures in looking, whether it's driven by simple curiosity or a more deviant perversion that causes a person to cross the boundaries of public and private life.
Through collaboration, our work examines notions of Alfred Adler’s individual psychology in moments of singularity and Susan Sontag’s assertion that people use photographs to reassure our sense of existence. Such moments are captured at the transition between public spaces to private solitude and back again to the public sphere. We seek moments when introspection is most heightened. Through the use of grids and seemingly repeated images, these boundaries imply isolation, self-awareness and the illusion of memory.

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Recent Exhibitions


Photosynthesis / SW Voices 2015

Republic Plaza, Denver CO, March 5–May 5, 2015

it's all here in B&W (figuratively speaking)

tbell Photographic Gallery, Denver CO, March 20–April 14, 2015

Dynamic Mapping

Abend Gallery, Denver CO, March 20–April 17, 2015

The Big Picture Show

Denver CO, March–April, 2015

VMRC’s Eleventh Annual Juried Art Exhibition

VMRC Park Gables Main Street Gallery, Harrisonburg, VA, May 25–June 30, 2014

Landscape at the Edge: Contemporary Views

Hera Gallery, Wakefield RI, April 5–May 3, 2014

16th International Juried Photography Exhibition

Woman Made Gallery, Chicago IL, March 1–April 25, 2013

12th Annual Joyce Elaine Grant Exhibition

Texas Woman’s University, Denton TX, February 21–March 20, 2013


Woman Made Gallery, Chicago IL, January 18–February 21, 2013


La Verne Carlson Gallery, La Verne CA, November 2–December 4, 2009

Can’t Leave the Rainbow Behind

The Women’s Museum: An Institute for the Future, Dallas, Texas, April 10–May 26, 2009

About Us

Too much work and an obsession for playing with photographs brought Ashlae and Leah together in the photo studios at Texas Woman's University. There, they bonded over optics and photographic theories, and they began crafting installations that explore pleasures in looking and stories about people-watching.

Ashlae Shepler

Ashlae Shepler is a freelance writer and photographer in Denver, Colorado who likes to explore historical techniques in photography and visual storytelling. Originally from Indiana, she finished her BFA in studio art photography at Miami University in Ohio. Following a 2-year position at the Society for Photographic Education, she finished an MFA in photography and intermedia arts at Texas Woman's University. Landing in Denver in 2014, she continues to share her photography with her brand Tilt Shift Productions.

Leah Gose

Leah M. Gose is a visual artist specializing in photography and book arts. She is Assistant Professor of Photography at Kendall College of Art & Design located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Leah earned a BA in photography from the University of Colorado–Boulder, and an MFA in photography from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas. Her current work explores memory loss through re-contextualized personal memories and appropriated family photographs. Her work has been exhibited in various venues both nationally and internationally.

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